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CLOSE-UP MAGIC - The most ancient form of the art of conjuring 

Unlike other forms of magical entertainment the appeal of close-up magic is the fact that it happens right under your nose. Primarily involving sleight of hand with cards, ropes, coins or any other items he selects Terry creates the illusion literally right under your nose or in your hands.                   

This type of entertainment is suitable for:

Hospitality Suites - The primary purpose of this type of gathering
 is to allow company principles to meet and greet as many of their clients                            
and potential clients as possible. Obviously you cannot meet everyone at
the same time so it takes time to work the room. This is where the close-up
magic works so well. It keeps the clients occupied until the company
principles can get around and greet them and it does it in a way that does
not disrupt the room.

Performance time recommended for a Hospitality Suite depends on the
number of guests you plan to invite but one or two hours should suffice.

Cocktail Parties - If you want to make your next cocktail party
more relaxed and "guest friendly" add close-up magic to the festivities.
This type of entertainment is unobtrusive and makes the room more
friendly while providing a wonderful platform from which conversations
about something other than the weather can begin.

Performance time recommended for a cocktail party is typically one hour.

Wedding receptions - Typically at a Wedding Reception there are
two groups of people coming together that do not know each other. Terry
can solve this problem by crisscrossing the room and getting people
involved in what he is doing. Invariably people from one group will follow
Terry to see more of the magic or to try and figure out how he's doing
what he does. As this happens they find themselves in conversations with
people they are meeting for the first time as they try to figure out how
Terry is doing the magic. Before long the two groups are mingling and they
don't even realize that the magic was the catalyst.

Time recommended for a Wedding Reception - one to two hours.

Dinner Parties - If you want to make your next dinner party an
event to remember have Terry come and perform at the table when dinner
is complete. As he works he will involve the entire group and the fact that
the magic is happening right under their noses will turn your dinner party
into a truly magical evening to remember.

Time recommended for a Dinner party is thirty to forty minutes.

Private Parties - Whether held at a private home or another venue
private parties are typically designed to satisfy the needs of the client
and could involve both Parlor and Close-up Magic. For best results discuss
your needs with Terry and allow him to offer input based on his experiences.

Performance time recommended for a Private Party is one hour or less.

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