Terry specializes in corporate magic and adult home parties  and because of this you can rest assured that there is no "BLUE" humor in his show. Just good clean fun with tongue in cheek or a sight gag or two or an occasional double entendre if appropriate. Everything is audience proven in front of corporate audiences and designed to entertain but not to offend. No matter which show you see or how many times you see it, each time it will be different. This is due to Terry's ability to immediately read his audience and adapt the humor accordingly every effect has humor woven through it. Each routine Terry performs is written by him and is original copyrighted material and not something you are likely to see or have seen in someone else's show.

Sample videos SHOWING the types of effects performed in the show can be found on the "SHOW SHOTS & VIDEO" page and are offered to provide you with a sense of the humor and types of effects you the client will see in the show.


With lots of audience participation this show is suitable for 4 - 400
people and has a run time of 40 to 45 minutes. For better audience
visibility a raised platform is recommended with groups over 50 people
8' X 12' minimum 12' X 16' preferred if space allows. The show comes
complete with its own sound and backdrop so other than the platform
the client does not have to provide any other items.


This show is suitable for up to 600 people and has a one hour run time.
For audience visibility a 12' X 16' stage or a 12' X 16' platform is
required plus access to an electrical outlet at stage right.



Like all of Terry's shows there is a lot of audience participation but
unlike other shows you might have seen Terry does not try to get his
humor at the expense of his volunteer . . . choosing to poke the fun back
at himself.

If you are looking for "STRESS FREE ENTERTAINMENT" Terry is
the one to call. His punctuality and attention to detail have won him
clients that have been with him for years. His understanding of your
needs frees you up to deal with other details of your event and
knowing that Terry will be where he is supposed to be and ready to
go when you need him provides you with peace of mind.

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